Save the world- or Watch Hallmark?

I have had a lot of time to do some self-reflection lately and I have realized a major flaw in my makeup. (Okay, if we are talking make-up I am actually a royal mess) I feel like the only way to describe me is by quoting my least favorite song from the musical Oklahoma!  “with me it’s all or nothing” 

I struggle somewhere between wanting to single handedly save the world or wanting to sit at home by myself and watch hallmark movies. There is literally nothing in between. 

I am in a constant state of limbo feeling like I am doing okay and feeling like I am not doing enough.
This rambling isn’t to say that I have had an amazing epiphany but to say. Hey guess what world. I haven’t figured it out yet. 

I love living so close to my both of my sisters. I love being able to have so much time as an aunt. I love being up to my eyeballs in paint and crafts. I don’t even mind the tantrums that come with the territory. I also love giving them back at the end of the day. 

I am antsy.

So, yet again, I find myself willingly accepting life plans for my next adventure. Starting September 2016. Any ideas?

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This is as me as you're going to get!

This is as me as you're going to get!